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Fine Art Photography

Most of my nudes aren't really meant to viewed as photographs at all. Sure, they all start from a photo I took (mostly on my cheap but trusty little digital point-and-shoot), but nearly all have been 'Shopped. I'm a frustrated painter who could never draw! So, I add texture, add or remove color, mess with contrast. I don't cut up images and add bits that were never there, though. In short, I try to make my photos into paintings.


Haven't figured out a graceful term for that, yet. "Photopaintings" isn't cutting it. Any suggestions?


Since I can't always be shooting lovely nudes, I have a gallery of everything else, most of which isn't as heavily 'Shopped. 

Moons by Rowan Watson

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About Rowan Watson

I'm just this chick, you know? Pretty hoopy, nonetheless. Enjoy being a woman in the still male-dominated world of erotic photography. Makes it easier to get women's clothes off, but much harder for men. Perhaps that's common, though. Am hoping to even out my gender balance soon.

 They say overnight success takes about ten years. Well. as a photographer, I'm about due. Started out modeling for photographers I knew, and was seduced by the lens, only on the other side! Oh, and the smell of a black and white darkroom. Like comin' home. I haven't had more than a week's worth of formal schooling, and always wonder what I could do with some classes and a good camera. Someday I'd like to find out.

I'm a bookworm, a sci-fi geek, a great cook and a lexiphile. I've been to Australia, but I've never been to Mexico or the Moon.

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